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Friday, March 30, 2012

Email to city council from activist

By Silvio Dell'Angela


You received the referenced NY Times report about APD below and read today in the Journal an example of just how broken the DA and Grand Jury judicial system is here when a killer cop is not criminally charged.  Who are these Grand Jury people-former cops?  APD cops are truly untouchable-above the law.

The question by most scared of APD citizens here and likely most others in the US who have been following APD’s routinely exonerated “death squad” officers is just why Schultz is still the police chief?

Stopping cop $500 bounty payments and having new union leadership won’t solve the APD record killing problem but making police accountable and stopping the cover-ups condoned absence of recordings as directed by Schultz will.  As long as the corrupt Schultz is still Chief here, nothing will change!

Do you nine represent us or Schultz and his enabler Mayor Berry?  Time to step up!

Stop Police Atrocities NOW!

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