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Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Our Foothills Area Commander Cliff Saylor represents the dangerous mindset of Ray Schultz and his other senior corrupt APD leadership.   I guess shooting anyone to “fails to obey a lawful order” applies even to those “armed” with a six inch butter spreader.  Saylor is a disgrace to the uniform and one that our many honest cops wear-all of whom want Schultz, and equally corrupt APD Commanders like Saylor gone!

Using the NM Inspection of Public Records Act, I have asked to see and hear the video and audio recordings that Schultz’s own APD SOP 1-39 requires be made prior to and during the actual shootings over the past two year to prove the shooters weren’t lying.   They refused to provide them and likely destroyed any made that would expose the lies told. 

Yet, the arrogant Saylor would want those in District 8 to condemn the victims and their families of the shootings rather than his and the other Schultz death squads in Albuquerque.   Maybe Saylor’s script was also sent out by Schultz to his other area Commanders as well to spew this garbage to their area residents and avoid accountability..

Stop Police Atrocities NOW!-SPAN

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