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Monday, September 19, 2011

City council votes unanimously for investigation

Tonight at approximately 6:45p.m., Albuquerque's City Council voted unanimously for R-11-275, a substitute bill for the original bill vetoed by Mayor Berry, which calls for an investigation into Albuquerque Police Department by the Department of Justice. The bill was sponsored by Vice-President City Councilor Rey Garduno from District 6.

"This is the best thing the city could have done," exclaimed Garduno after the bill was passed.
"Your voices have not fallen on deaf ears," he assured the families of APD shooting victims.

People from varied backgrounds spoke during the "General Public Comment" part of the meeting. The youngest speakers were two, elementary aged girls, Christina and Alegra who pleaded for the council's vote on the bill.

"Albuquerque citizens are no longer comfortable dialing 911," they exclaimed. "We are working for justice....They (shooting victims) didn't have to die," exclaimed the girls.

Some speakers urged the council to listen to the concerns of it's constituents and warned of the extreme civil unrest in foreign countries as a result of  police brutality.

"Maybe you should ask the people in the UK about how they deal with murderous police," said Joe Gallegos from the ANSWER Coalition.

Veteran civil rights activist Andreas Valdez, reminded city councilors of APD officer, Trey Econimedy's  inflammatory Facebook post.

"I don't think that APD is in the business of "human waste disposal" but we need to make sure," he said.

Small Changes Made
The bill was placed as the fourth item to be heard at the meeting. In the past such bills have been placed at the end of the meeting agenda. This was a small victory for those who are forced to stay until the wee hours of the night to witness the results of a vote. Councilor Garduno noted that the bill was placed earlier in the agenda in consideration for those who have to work the next day. All speakers were required to adhere to the two minute speaking rule.

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