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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Email response to recent City Council Meeting

Below is an email received by The Burque Blotter, written by activist Silvio Dell'Angela, in response to the recent City Council Meeting on Monday.

Councilor Garduno seemed to be the only one committed to calling for a DOJ
investigation but the "compromise" he felt he somehow had to agree to wasn't
a compromise at all but a surrender to the other four and this Mayor.  What
did they give up?  Nothing.

The Mayor vetoed the original bill claiming it wasn't properly announced to
the public and the amendment changed the purpose of the original resolution.
Well the "compromise" amendment last night did the same thing and yet nobody

Both the Mayor and the Council will be obligated to support a DOJ
investigation should one occur so this passed resolution accomplished

Politics as usual in Albuquerque.

More on this later.


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