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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Response to recent Deaton article

Absolutely the city needs to do a National search for this position. No-one in state can be trusted. Another question is WHERE IS THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. Why the DOJ has not publically come into the city to investigate the city and the police department is very offensive to this citizen and taxpayer, both state and federal.
Albuquerque has had far more questionable police killings than most or all of the cities the department of justice has recently entered. I am starting to think the department of justice cares more about African American cop killings (this is who police were killing in the other cities) than our Hispanic men. Are our lives valued less than that of an African American? This is the national and local message. We have 3 times as many shootings of citizens, citizen killings, criminal activity by police officers and fire officers than in Miami, where DOJ recently entered. What about us here in Albuquerque, NM? What about out men and children? Do we not have a state with enough electoral votes to cause enough concern for the DOJ to come here and asked, what is the problem?  All of us pay local, state, and federal taxes. I pay those taxes alongside the rest of the country and expect to be protected like the rest of the country. Where are you DOJ? Who at the Attorney General’s office is delaying the help? There is ample evidence that we have a problem from the Governor’s office on down. The governor gave White a job after his fiasco, The Attorney general had to fire the lawyer who was “in charge” of investigating police because he never did. Brandenburg’s daughter married wife murder Levi Chavez (why it took so long to file charges against him), Chief Shultz (enough said there), POC finds every shooting justified (what is the probability of that being the case when every other month a cop or police officer is on the news with yet another criminal activity being reported), and finally us – we are here walking around every day in the community with all these “administrators and public officials” dangling a puppet string. Whose string will be cut next? Where in God’s name is the Department of Justice? Who will penetrate this criminal covenant in Albuquerque, New Mexico?
Albuquerque has been under the control of a criminal state and local system since the 1970s. Administration after administration has failed us in cleaning up the city and firing criminal administrators and all criminal public safety officers, both fire and police. We have all read that for years one after another police men and woman along with firemen and fire woman, at all levels of public safety, have one way or another been involved with criminal activity. Honest police and fire public safety workers know they will never move up the ranks with the habitual criminal-like administration that has offended us for decades and have held honest public safety workers hostage.  I grew up back east. I grew up holding police and fire men and women in the highest regard. I never heard of any wrong doing by either. Then again I am a upper-class white woman. I move here to New Mexico and I feel I have been naive. I am physical disgusted with city councilors, the mayor, and administrators ignoring grieving family members – then again they are low-earning Hispanic community members – Getting the picture here? The state of affairs here sickens me and I pray that we find or another Martin Luther King-like person steps into the light and saves our people. Where is the department of Justice? Not only does the community who has been directly affected by the killings want and need intervention at the federal level many police and fire men and women want intervention also. I pray for our men and women in both the public safety department and community – I pray that all of us can come together and send a signal message to the puppet “master” – We will not take it anymore.  We are not going away.

 Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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