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Friday, April 20, 2012

Discrepancies in latest police shooting victim's criminal history

By Pilar Armstrong

41 year old, Dennis Aragon is the 24 person to be shoot by the Albuquerque Police Department. The shooting occurred yesterday, on Thurs. April 19, when Aragon allegedly was settling a drug debt in an apartment complex near Espanola and Zuni SE. According to news reports from Albuquerque news stations, KOB and KOAT, Aragon pointed a rifle at police and several apartment residents. KOB reporter Heather Mills stated that a background check had been run on Aragon uncovering his criminal history which included drug possession and assaults on a police officer.  Mills insinuated that Aragon had been convicted of these charges which implies that Aragon is a dangerous person and the shooting is justified.

However, upon researching court records online, it was discovered that while Aragon had a hand full of traffic violations. No records of drug related crimes could be found. Aragon was charged with resistance/evading/obstruction of an officer and failure to obey a police officer on Jan. 6, 2009. All charges were dismissed, without any adjudication of guilt, by Metro Court Judge Julie Altwiez. An inquiry was sent to APD daytime PIO Tasia Martinez regarding the exact location of these alleged crimes. As of press times no response has been received.

KOB reported that police had been called to the complex on Wed. because Aragon was pointing a gun around children who lived in the complex. Why hadn't APD acted then and arrested Aragon? Didn't Aragon's alleged behavior constitute as child endangerment and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon? Another inquiry regarding these questions has been sent to Officer Martinez. Updates will be provided as more information is received.

Aragon is alive and is currently being treated for gunshot wounds to his stomach and arm.

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