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Monday, April 16, 2012

News from Washington

Senator Jeff Bingaman (Dem), discusses the Buffett Rule, Amtrack funding, and US policy with Cuba
By Pilar Armstrong

Taxes for the super rich, funding for Amtrack, and US relations with Cuba were topics discussed in an online press conference with Senator Bingman, today, Mon. April 16. The Paying a Fair Share Act or Buffett Rule, will place a 30 percent tax those who earn over two million per tax year. The Senator confirmed that there was some disagreement among the Republicans in the house,

"Republicans claim that the tax invalidates the current much lower capital gains tax of 15 percent and that it will slow job growth,".

Funding for Amtrack in New Mexico has been maintained by the Senate but over "strenuous resistance", claims Bingaman.  One of the major benefits of the Amtrack line is it's depot near the Boy Scout camp of Filmont, NM.

US relations with Cuba
US diplomacy with Cuba were discussed in a recent Senate meeting.

"It is past time to establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and end the embargo," states Bingaman.

According to the Senator, policy with Cuba has been heavily dictated by Cuban Americans while ignoring the example set by other Latin American countries, who openly trade with the communist country.

"We are out of step with our policy with Cuba. People who want to see our government change it's diplomacy with Cuba will (also) see changes in our policy with Cuba", says Bingaman.

Bingaman's visits to NM cities
Bingaman visited Toas, Silver City, Reserve, and Santa Fe last week. Concerns about the rate of economic growth were brought to the Senator's attention by citizens. People who lived in cities that relied heavily on tourism were especially concerned with the price of gas and how it would effect commerce.

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